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I didn't always care about my body. There was a time when my body was simply a tool that helped me climb trees and move from place to place. I could say that I loved my body, but at a young age, do we really even give that a thought?

It wasn’t until I turned eleven that suddenly my body became a focal point. It started when my eldest brother said my leg hair was gross. This bothered me so much that I became obsessed with hair on my body. Do I have too much hair? My friends don’t have…

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M y journey to becoming a professor has been filled with drama and hardships, and while I know that I made many choices that led to these problems, I also know that these experiences taught me just as much as my college education.

When I started my education, I never thought I would become a college writing professor. My original goal was simple: get a degree to get a better job, so my family would be more financially secure. …

How I made OCD my friend

Throughout my childhood, I would describe myself as someone who did not adapt to change well. My life worked best with routine and order, but I was not by any means an orderly or organized person. I was the child with the closed bedroom door because my room was so disgusting that my mother was too embarrassed that company might see it, and to be honest, although I will never admit this to my mother, I couldn’t find the floor through all the junk, clothes, garbage, broken toys, and empty CD cases.

I was messy, and I was angry and…

Holly Ellis

(MA/MFA) is an author, blogger, professor, and writing coach who is always looking for new opportunities to build content and share stories.

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